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I create videos for a variety of purposes in both my personal and professional life.


Some of my videos capture and document incredible stories of resilience, or memories of shared experiences among friends. Others disseminate important information to the constituents of an organization.


Regardless of its purpose, my goal when producing any video is to generate a final product that is artistically engaging, meaningful, effective, and entertaining.

Above is the trailer for Came From Nothing, my first full-length documentary film. It chronicles the life story of Benjamin "Big Mouth Ben" Graham, an entrepreneur and motivational entertainer who owns a convenience store on historic Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. Big Mouth Ben overcame 17 years of addiction and homelessness on Auburn Avenue to open the store just two blocks from the same bridge under which he once slept.

At the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech, I film, edit, and produce a variety of videos for the communications department.


Visit the Ivan Allen College on YouTube

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At Wesley United Methodist Church, I acted in, filmed, edited, and produced weekly announcement videos nearly every Thursday for almost 3 years.


View them on Vimeo

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As a High School Youth Director, I documented nearly every trip on which I took the group and many other activities in a series of videos on their YouTube channel. I edited and produced nearly all of these.


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