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During my time at State Farm, I was aligned to a variety of products and tasked with developing simple solutions to complex customer experience challenges within a variety of constraints. I spent the majority of my time working on the Drive Safe & Save telematics native mobile app team in a variety of capacities, with my contributions to the team including:

  • Facilitating design thinking workshops to identify product pain points and cast customer experience vision

  • Developing and documenting in-app and horizontal/cross-channel experience architecture

  • Wireframing new feature experiences and prototyping interaction designs at low and medium fidelity

  • Designing "pixel-perfect" high fidelity comps for delivery and development on both Android and iOS platforms

  • Supporting agile development teams on both platforms through logic, UI, and accessibility work


During my time on the project, we had great success with the Drive Safe & Save mobile app program.

  • Released totally redesigned version of the app: Mobile 3.0

  • Increased iOS App Store customer rating from 2.2 to 4.5*

  • Increased Android Google Play customer rating from 2.5 to 3.7*


*As of 9/18/2019​


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1 - App Store Splash V1_1242x2688.jpg
2 - App Store Welcome V1_1242x2688.jpg
5 - App Store Trip Details V1_1242x2688.
UX Strategy @ State Farm

UX Strategy @

During my time at State Farm, I was also tasked with exploring new product strategies, including evaluating and reimagining the multi-platform customer experience of our auto ID cards, which serve as proof of insurance for our customers. In the process of developing a product strategy for this customer touch point, I took a multifaceted approach that included auditing the current ecosystem of our ID cards, identifying inconsistencies and opportunities for innovation, establishing a set of omni-channel requirements, and designing conceptual artifacts.

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SFMA ID Card Mockup v2.png
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