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My UX Design Process is Organized, Creative, and Efficient

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1. Learn

2. Define

3. Prototype

4. Test

5. Build

The first step in my UX process involves broadly and thoroughly researching the design space in which I will be working. I draw inspiration from projects developed in similar contexts, and perform contextual inquiry to learn as much as I can about my own project setting.

Next, I establish the specific details about the scope of my project. I gather requirements from project stakeholders and establish a design approach tailored to the project based on their insights. I develop user personas and storyboard user flows through the basic components of the project's information architecture.

Then, I rapidly create visual and interaction design concepts with increasing levels of fidelity to demonstrate the intended form and function of the final product. I sketch interfaces by hand, conduct whiteboard brainstorming sessions, wireframe sitemaps, and create higher fidelity page mockups and interactive prototypes.

I observe users interacting with prototypes and receive feedback from their thoughts and actions during and after their experiences with the product.

Finally, based on the feedback from interactions with prototypes, I design a complete version of the final product, which will also be tested, receive feedback, and be adjusted accordingly before the final version is deployed.

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