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Medical Device

Interface Prototypes


I designed low and medium fidelity interface prototypes for select features of a mobile application designed to accompany a pill dispenser device called MedMinder. I also designed a three-dimensional wearable wrist device featuring a physical interface prototype and visual/audible communication elements to accompany the MedMinder device.

For the low fidelity prototype, I first wrote a design scenario describing a specific situation in which the MedMinder and my accompanying interface prototype would be used. This scenario included all of the potential interactors with the device and application, and their specific roles in those interactions. I then used Balsamiq for rapid wireframing of the prototype. Read the full documentation of the low fidelity scenario and prototype in the attached PDF.

For the medium fidelity prototype, I first wrote a user persona in which I described in detail a specific user of the MedMinder device and accompanying application. This persona casts the user as a middle-aged caretaker of an elderly parent who uses the device and application to help her mother remember to take her medications at the correct times. I then used Adobe XD to design a set of medium fidelity interfaces to capture a specific interaction flow based on the user persona. Read the full documentation of the medium fidelity user persona and prototype in the attached PDF.

For the 3D wearable wrist device prototype, I first created a mood board on which I collected aesthetic form and design influences for the wearable device. I then designed a 3D rendering of the device using Fusion 360 CAD/CAM design software. Finally, I created a presentation board for the device on which I detailed the envisioned functionality of the different communicative elements of the physical device, including a speaker for audible alerts, blinking lights for visual alerts, and a button for user input. Read the full documentation of the 3D device and physical prototype in the attached PDF.

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