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MARTApool Network Design


In a Design of Networked Media course, I was tasked broadly with representing a network through design. I created MARTApool, a conceptual carpooling network designed to enable Atlanta residents who live outside walking distance to MARTA train stations to more conveniently commute via the city's existing public transportation system.


I took a speculative approach to this representation, designing and producing prototypes of the physical artifacts (namely signage and other visual identity elements) that the network would conceivably require to operate. This approach was inspired by research into similarly artifact-centered design examples, including Occupy Sandy Wayfinding Signs and MARTA Army Bus Route Posters. Through this process, I explored the ways that the objects I designed became expressive of the rules and aesthetics of the network. In the end, I represented the final MARTApool network design concept via a short film portraying its form and function.

For a more detailed accounting of my design process for this project, read the final design documentation.

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