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Visualizing Gentrification in Atlanta Neighborhoods

Augmented Reality Application


I built a geospatially aware augmented reality mobile application that visualizes gentrification data in 26 Atlanta neighborhoods. The application operates on the Argon augmented reality web browsing platform, developed by Georgia Tech Augmented Environments as the world’s first AR web browser based on open web standards for iOS technology. I designed 3D abstractions of bar graphs in the A-Frame web framework and placed one in each neighborhood using latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates. These 3D bars are color-coded based on their respective neighborhoods' percent increase in median home values between 2000-2015. Each neighborhood's exact percent increase value is displayed in front of its bar via animated text that expands when the user hovers the cursor over the bar.


The application is synchronized with Twitter and displays the most recent tweets regarding gentrification in Atlanta at the top of the screen. Hovering over a bar also updates the content of the Twitter stream to display the most recent tweets about its specific neighborhood. The application runs based on a combination of code from Argon/A-Frame HTML & JavaScript libraries, my own custom JavaScript and HTML files, and the Twitter API.

For more details and further explanation, read my design statement and look through my design journal for this project.

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