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Atlanta Rap Network



I designed this visual representation of the network of rap artists and producers based in Atlanta for a course on the design of networked media. It conveys two types of connections:

1. Thicker, multicolored arrows connect producers to artists for whom they have made beats.

2. Thinner, dark green lines connect pairs of artists who have collaborated on at least one song.

In the process of researching these connections between artists and producers, in addition to researching the Atlanta neighborhoods from which they came, I learned a great deal about the influence that geography has on rap music culture in the city. Representing networks not only teaches us about the individual components or "nodes" that interact with one another to create networks, but also reveals to us a great deal about the interactions or "edges" between the "nodes."


This map reveals that pockets of artists from nearby neighborhoods often collaborate on musical projects. At the same time, it captures the deeply collaborative nature of the community regardless of geographical location, and highlights the interconnectedness of artists and producers from neighborhoods throughout metro Atlanta.

Click on the image to the right to explore a high-resolution PDF of the map.

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